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KIMBER Super Carry Custom HDKIMBER Super Carry Custom HD
Night Vision monocular LVLMi-14Night Vision monocular LVLMi-14, EOTech 552
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Accuracy International AX338 aAccuracy International AX .338 Lapua Magnum
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Sons of Liberty Gun Works - Sale of products

Sons of Liberty Gun Works

Founded in 2014 as a direct result of quality deficiencies following 2012 (Sandy Hook) market conditions.
• Initially serviced all makes and configurations of firearms sent in from customers nationwide experiencing functional performance issues.
• Seeing cut corners, loose tolerances, terrible assembly methods, and poorly matched components made it clear that most companies and home builders didn’t understand how to setup an AR15 to run for the long haul.
• SOLGW then moved to sourcing trusted and reliable components to offer a rifle of our own, properly setup for success.
“There’s a difference between testing something until it runs, and testing something until it won’t stop”
• We are privately owned with no Board of Directors telling us what they think is best.

We don’t use any lightweight or experimental components just to be flashy or unique. We use only proven components from the highest quality suppliers we can.
• Every gun is built to run suppressed, with no modifications or adjustments made.
• Our guns will run on any commercially available ammunition, appropriate to the chambering.
• The gun is guaranteed to run, for the life of the gun.
• We stand behind our shooters and ask they use our gun hard, and take care of them when they do.
• We ardently support the Second Amendment, and actively fight to protect it.
• We travel the county teaching our customers how we build our rifles, and what they should demand in an AR15.

 We don’t switch back and forth between OEM’s over price, or short-term availability. We source exclusively from trusted suppliers with proven track records of success, and we QC those components extensively upon arrival.
• This model gives us the ability to work with the industries best manufactures for small lower parts, bolt carrier groups, raw forgings, heat treated springs, machined aluminum rails, 4140 gas blocks, gas tubes, etc.
• It’s nearly impossible to be the best in the business at manufacturing triggers, and magazines, and buffers, and bolts… we retain experts in each field to deliver the best possible components, and we focus on being the best in QC’ing and then assembling them properly.

Every rifle is inspected and test fired by two different armorers before it ships, who sign off on their work by serial #.
• Our rifles are built specifically to work under any conditions our customers might use them in (altitude & temperature, cleanliness, high or low pressure ammunition, suppressed or not).
• Our upper receivers are undersized at the barrel extension to improve barrel fit (accuracy), and oversized at the lugs to eliminate wobble with the lower.
• Our extractor and action springs (common wear points on an AR15) will outlast the barrel and bolt carrier group (150k rounds on extractor spring, 1.5M rounds on action spring - per Sprinco published specifications)
• Our parts are not proprietary, so our parts can be used to service other brands of rifles.
• We don’t use any adjustable pistons, gas blocks, or triggers… everything is built for hard use without fear of coming out of adjustment.
• 3 magazines and a soft case included with every gun.
• Lifetime Warranty – covers wear and tear on all components, 1 free barrel replacement at no charge as well.

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