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Laser Devices DBAL-A3Laser Devices DBAL-A3
Kimber Eclipse Target .45 ACPKimber Eclipse Target .45 ACP
Accuracy International AX .308 Win aAccuracy International AX .308 Win
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AR15 Stag Arms, Night Vision CNVD-LRAR15 Stag Arms, Night Vision CNVD-LR
Laser Devices DBAL-A2, Night Vision LVLMi-14, AR15 Stag ArmsLaser Devices DBAL-A2, Night Vision LVLMi-14, AR15 Stag Arms
Laser Devices DBAL A2Laser Devices DBAL-A2
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MKE MP5, Aimpoint M2, Insight Tech. M6X LEDMKE MP5, Aimpoint M2, Insight Tech. M6X LED
Sphinx 3000 CompactSphinx 3000 Compact

Pistol-Carbine Conversion - Sale of products

The RONI (pat-pending) provides you a better grip, stability & platform to many accessories. Now you can use your pistol for a greater range, faster aiming, better accuracy.

•No pistol disassembly required - just "drop" it into the shell.
•It is mandatory that the pistol has the integrated below rail.
•24cm upper flattop rail - allows combinations of sight, magnifier or night vision.
•Three Picatinny rails for additional accessories.
•Optional to add flip-up Backup sights (#FRS / #FRS).
•Accepts silencers - up to 35.5mm diameter.
•Optional to add quick release brass-catcher.
•Including Detachable folding forearm grip.