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LVL D-555 Gen 2+ DEP 0 ONYX

4 045.00 € with VAT


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Nightvision Clip on Sight LVLDedal

ONYX version is equipped with white phosphor P45 and the result is black&white image. This device with basic image intesifier tube Gen.2+ DEP - Photonis in version DEP 0 ONYX has resolution minimal 20 lp/mm (typ. 52-69 lp/mm), S/N Ratio min. 5 (typ. 13,6-24,2), photocathode sensitivity min. 150 µA/lum (typ. 228-715 µA/lum) and gain between min. 3 000x and max. 8 000x, typical 5500x (4010x-7600x). Lifetime is without guarantee.

multi-purpose (clip-on)
monocular night vision device

Innovation in the night vision! Optimised multi-purpose night vision devices. These devices are adaptable with almost all common daylight optics like binoculars, spotting scopes, photo- and video cameras etc. Disclaimer: The multi-purpose night vision devices do not have prohibition features such as aiming or firearms-specific weapon mounting. The mounting of night vision devices onto the aiming devices is prohibited in the Sloval Republic.


- Extraordinary wide observation range, due to optimal developed optical system and a sophisticated very high relative aperture night-optics 1x53mm (F1,5). The value of observation range in meter is strongly dependant on the grade and specifications of the image intensifier tube, atmospheric density, contrast between the object viewed and its background, as well as the size of the object
- Maintains all characteristics of a daylight optics by the use of a large lens (greater light transmission) and very high quality
optical elements
- Suitable for all daylight lenses with an inner thread of M49x0,75
- With an adapter suitable for all types of lenses from 25mm up to 80mm lens diameter
- Option of mounting on all common daytime devices, for a various field of use
- Provides the opportunity for high-quality photo- and video recording (M49x0,75 outside thread at the ocular of the
- High resolution image of the whole field of view
- Very large effective ayepiece diameter 38mm
- Inner lens-adjustment/fine-focusing from 10m up to infinity
- Automatic brightness control (ABC)
- Bright source protection (BSP)
- Optional: With manual brightness control (EGAC) available
- Mounting possibility for autonomous IR-illuminators
- Water protected
- Low energy consumption
- Lightweight
- Shock resistant

Included in the delivery:

- 1 lens cap
- 1 transporting softcase
- 1 battery (CR123)

Compatible with other equipment:

- Magnification booster
- Rubber eyecup
- Adapter systems for several lens diameters of the daylight optics
- Bridge adapter for autonomous IR-illuminators
- Autonomous IR-illuminators

Technical parameters:

Magnification: 1x
Viewing angle: 13°
Effective lens diameter: 53mm (F1,5)
Focal length: 80mm
Effective ayepiece diameter: 34mm
Energy source: one CR123 (3V) battery
Continuous operation time, h: minimum 60
Operation temperature: from - 40°C up to + 50°C
Humidity: up to 98%
Dimensions, mm: 216x66x75
Weight: 665g
Magnification on the daylight optics
Magnification on the daylight optics
Maximum magnification: 1x - 20x
Optimal magnification: 3x - 12x

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