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Laser Devices DBAL-A3Laser Devices DBAL-A3
Kimber Eclipse Target .45 ACPKimber Eclipse Target .45 ACP
Accuracy International AX .308 Win aAccuracy International AX .308 Win
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AR15 Stag Arms, Night Vision CNVD-LRAR15 Stag Arms, Night Vision CNVD-LR
Laser Devices DBAL-A2, Night Vision LVLMi-14, AR15 Stag ArmsLaser Devices DBAL-A2, Night Vision LVLMi-14, AR15 Stag Arms
Laser Devices DBAL A2Laser Devices DBAL-A2
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MKE MP5, Aimpoint M2, Insight Tech. M6X LEDMKE MP5, Aimpoint M2, Insight Tech. M6X LED
Sphinx 3000 CompactSphinx 3000 Compact

LVLMi-14 Gen 3 Premium Alabaster AG

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Manufacturer: LVL Insight


Nightvision monoculars 3. generation

Alabaster AG version is equipped with white phosphor P45 and the result is black&white image. This device with image intesifier tube Gen.3 Premium Alabaster AG has resolution min. 64 lp/mm, S/N Ratio min. 24, photocathode sensitivity min. 1800 (2000 typical) µA/lum and gain between 25 000-60 000x. Lifetime is minimal 10 000+ hours. This IIT is schockproof till 1000 G (+/- 500 G) during 1 ms. This IIT is Autogated.

LVLMi-14 is the latest, lightest, and the most versatile night vision system on the market. Developed as an alternative to the US Military issue, it is capable of operating in depths of over 60 feet and uses multi-type (AA or CR123) single battery. IIT is available with features Automatic Brightness Control and Bright Light Protection. With the use of optional accessories, LVLMi-14 can be configured for any mission requirement:

- Hand held spotting scope (can be used alone, with optional magnification lenses, or attached to a daytime spotting scope with the optional universal adapter)
- Hand held binocular (with the optional Dual Bridge Mount and with or without the optional magnification lenses and adapters)
- Hands free mono-goggle (with the included headgear or optional helmet mount)
- Hands free dual tube goggle (with the optional Dual Bridge Mount and the included headgear or optional helmet mount)
- Day/Night weapon sight (with the use of the included weapon mount and optional EoTech, or attached to an existing rifle scope with the optional universal adapter)
- Surveillance and night-time photography (with the use of the optional universal adapter)


Image Intensifier Generation 3
Magnification 1x (3x optional)
Lens System 26 mm f1.2
FOV 40°/ @1000 yards 2099’ / @1000 meters 640 meters 
Range of Focus 10" to infinity
25 cm to infinity
Detection Range 1148’/ 350 meters
Recognition Range 984’ / 300 meters
Diopter Adjustment +6 to -4
Weather Resistant Water Proof up to 66’ (20m)
Camera/Camcorder Adaptable Yes
IR Illuminator Yes 
Battery Type/Life AA or CR123 /40 hours
Dimensions 4.2" x 2" x 2.5" / 107mm x 50mm x 64mm
Weight 9.2 oz / 265 grams
Operating Temperature -40° F to 122° F / -40°C to +50°C
Warranty 2 years


Soft Carry Case
Quick-Release Mil.Spec. Headgear/Helmet Mount Adapter
Quick-Release Weapon Mount
Mil.Spec. Headgear w/extra Brow Pads
Demist Shield
Sacrificial Window
One 3V CR123 Battery
One AA Battery
Lens Cleaning Paper
Operating Manual
Warranty Card

Available Accessories:

3x A-focal Lens
3x Mil.Spec. Lens (requires adapter)
5x Mil.Spec. Lens (requires adapter)
Lens Adapter
Helmet Mount
Bridge Assembly
Universal Adapter
IR Spot/Flood
ELR Illuminator
Magnetic Compass
Shuttered Eyeguard
Flat Top Weapon Mount
EoTech 551
EoTech 552
Aimpoint CompM3
Aimpoint 3x Magnifier
Pelican Hard Case 1400
Pelican Hard Case 1500

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