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Laser Devices DBAL-A3Laser Devices DBAL-A3
Kimber Eclipse Target .45 ACPKimber Eclipse Target .45 ACP
Accuracy International AX .308 Win aAccuracy International AX .308 Win
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AR15 Stag Arms, Night Vision CNVD-LRAR15 Stag Arms, Night Vision CNVD-LR
Laser Devices DBAL-A2, Night Vision LVLMi-14, AR15 Stag ArmsLaser Devices DBAL-A2, Night Vision LVLMi-14, AR15 Stag Arms
Laser Devices DBAL A2Laser Devices DBAL-A2
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MKE MP5, Aimpoint M2, Insight Tech. M6X LEDMKE MP5, Aimpoint M2, Insight Tech. M6X LED
Sphinx 3000 CompactSphinx 3000 Compact

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Crimson Trace laser for Kel-Tec’s pistols

Kel-Tec’s  ultra-compact pistols are an institution in the world of deep concealed carry. To enhance these CCW go-to’s, Crimson Trace® has developed unique Laserguard® applications that enhance the defensive capabilities of these lightweight, compact and dependable pistols. Armed with our standard instinctive activation technology, the user simply needs to hold the weapon in their natural grip and the laser sighing system instinctively springs to life. Dependability you can count on…….when seconds count.