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CMMG Banshee, Rugged SuppressorsCMMG Banshee, Rugged Suppressors
KIMBER Super Carry Custom HDKIMBER Super Carry Custom HD
Night Vision monocular LVLMi-14Night Vision monocular LVLMi-14, EOTech 552
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Night Vision Dedal D542Night Vision Dedal D542
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Accuracy International AX338 aAccuracy International AX .338 Lapua Magnum
Accuracy International AX338 bAccuracy International AX .338 Lapua Magnum

Shadow Systems - Sale of products

Shadow Systems

Since our beginning in 2016, our mission has been to provide the world’s most uncompromising everyday use firearm, for any mission requirement, and for all people, at a price point that changes everything.

We deliver this through fearless creativity, multidisciplinary expertise, continuous improvement, and a commitment to excellence, the Shadow team focuses on exceeding our customer’s expectations today and to provide the best tools for tomorrow.

Shadow Systems is a designer and manufacturer of premium firearms and firearms parts, based in Plano, Texas. We are committed to offering the most price-competitive, highest-value pistols and parts on the market.

The Shadow Systems team is made up of combat veterans, former law enforcement officers, and competitive shooters. Therefore, every product is designed to be shot and carried. While others may focus on looks, Shadow Systems creates hard-use tools that are properly engineered and perfectly executed.

Every one of our products is built in Plano, Texas with parts machined in-house. There are few pistol companies that can say that they offer a product line that is truly Made in America with American labor; at Shadow Systems, we pride ourselves on being American Made.


We assume every gun is for duty use. No excuses.

Our MR9-Series pistols have been tested by law enforcement and military veterans to ensure that you can count on it every time you need it. Not just when conditions are perfect, but in real life — wet, dirty, you name it.



Reliability has been our watchword since day one.

We love cool-looking guns, but when you are scared and in a compromised situation, you will really love the gun that just goes bang. 

We start with this combat-oriented mindset and apply it to design, testing, and production.  We’ve also learned from the competition, military, and law enforcement world that not all tweaks and modifications are actually good. There are many things worth doing to a improve a pistol, but many more that have an unacceptable reliability tradeoff. Therefore, we focus on the features that improve operation, but we never push the envelope to the point where fundamental design and function is compromised.

Our design decisions are guided by simple principles:

• Tighten tolerances in areas that improve accuracy, but never in those that affect reliability.

• Use stock weight springs in most cases.

• Make things out of metal.

• Leave safety features completely intact.

• Take ownership for everything the pistol does or fails to do.

Manufacturing is where the magic happens. The care and concern that goes into every individual Shadow part and product is a testament to the quality of our manufacturing and build team. Its why our customers enjoy a confidence in our equipment that is unmatched.

Our diverse management team brings lean manufacturing experience from a myriad of other industries. This has allowed us to apply manufacturing best practices not commonly found in the gun world. Because of this, we are leaner and more efficient, and this ultimately leads to incredibly competitive pricing.

Our manufacturing approach also focuses on the principles of “Built-In Quality” and “Mistake Proofing,” concepts that originated within the famous Toyota Production System.  Our philosophy is quite simple: every person who touches a Shadow Systems product is an inspector. When a product comes off the line, it has already benefited from a thorough multi-point inspection… before its official inspection even begins.

The perfect component materials specifically chosen for daily hard-use on the front lines.

Our slides are machined from heat treated 17-4 stainless steel which is generally regarded as the perfect material for hard-use firearms components.  In addition to high mechanical strength, 17-4 is corrosion resistant and can be heat treated to optimal hardness levels.  17-4 is more costly and difficult to machine than 416 and 4000-series carbon (used on most production gun slides), but it’s the best stuff for the job.

We machine our barrels from 416R stainless which is regarded as optimal for barrel steel.  In general, stainless is better than carbon steel for barrels as it resists the heat and abrasion of the firing process and should show less wear over the life of the barrel.  Within the stainless steel family, there are other barrels made of 410 and 416 which do well, but 416R has less suphur content.  This factor, combined with other properties of 416R, allow it to resist fracture at extremely cold temperatures.  Again, this makes it ideal for a hard-use firearm component.  In case you were wondering, 17-4 (great stuff for slides) is very time consuming and difficult to machine in a barrel format.  It is also “overkill” for the job.  416R is proven in this role and is more appropriate for barrels.